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Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella by Myrna de la Paz, illus. by Youshan Tang was reviewed in MultiCultural Review

"This variation of Cinderella, adapted from Filipino folklore, bursts forth with illustrations that take on a rainbow-like effect. The story features Abadeha, whose widowed father has recently remarried a selfish woman with daughters of her own. When her stepmother taunts her with impossible tasks, like washing two handkerchiefs until the black one turns white and the white one turns black, Abadeha calls on her mother and other spirits. The Spirit of the Forest solves her problems and gives the girl a sarimanok, a chicken with beautiful feathers. Like the Chinese Yeh-Shen and her magical fish, Abadeha loses her chicken to her stepmother, who cooks it for dinner, and is told by the Spirit to bury the chicken's feet at her mother's grave. A tree full of jewels and treasures grows at the site and is discovered by the son of the island chieftain, who picks a ring from the tree. But when the young man cannot remove the ring and has a dream of a maiden who came, he searches every house for the girl who can remove the ring and vows to make her his wife."     

"...bursts forth with illustrations that take on a rainbow-like effect."

-MultiCultural Review

Myrna de la Paz was born in Manila, Philippines, and grew up in a town where indigenous culture and spiritual beliefs are practiced parallel with Christianity. She later shared this world of magic and myth when she wrote and directed Bakunawa, a play based on the Bagobo people. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Youshan Tang's artistic promise began to show when he was a child in Shanghai, China. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing University with degrees in Chinese art and literature. Since 1980, Tang has made his home in San Francisco where the cultural diversity inspires his work. This is the third book he has illustrated for Shen’s.

Shen’s Books is a publisher of multicultural children’s literature that emphasizes cultural diversity and tolerance, with a focus on introducing children to the cultures of Asia.

Through books, we can share a world a stories, building greater understanding and tolerance within our increasingly diverse communities as well as throughout our continuously shrinking globe.

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Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella

By Myrna de la Paz
Illustrated by Youshan Tang
$17.95, Hardcover, 32 pages
English Text
Ages 4-8
ISBN-10: 1885008171
ISBN-13: 9781885008176

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