The Multicultural Minute #14: Mitali Perkins

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The most exciting thing about the California School Library Conference a few weeks ago (other than the library cart drill team competition) was that I finally got to meet Mitali Perkins, author of many multicultural books for young readers and tireless supporter of the genre. Here she is, answering the big question: why?

Books by Mitali Perkins:
Secret Keeper
Monsoon Summer
Rickshaw Girl
First Daughter: White House Rules
First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover
The Not-So-Star-Spangled Life of Sunita Sen

Links to check out:
Mitali's Fire Escape


Why READ books set in Asia? It is cheaper than a plane ticket. I like to read books set in many different places because I always learn something. It is a way of traveling without the hassle of really going. I particularly like Mitali's books because of her characters who become real and step off the page into my mind and heart. I did not read The Secret Keeper and Monsoon Summer because they were set in India but I did enjoy that facet of them. I do like to read books set in Asia because as a child I lived on Okinawa and have always been fascinated by the variety and richness of Asian culture.

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