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Grandfather's Story Cloth was reviewed by, an incredible web site devoted to multicultural children's literature. It is an honor indeed to garner such a nice review of the book.

Just an excerpt (the good part, of course!):

"Although the book does not have a conveniently wrapped up happy ending, the story does end on a glimmer of hope.  While it can cause great pain to family members and carers when sufferers of the disease do not recognise their present , a connection can often be found through the past and memory, as Chersheng discovers. 

We are reminded in an afterword that there are millions of people who suffer from Alzheimer's - which means that there are also many, many children whose lives are touched by it in some way. Grandfather's Story Cloth will be a welcome tool to facilitate understanding and compassion of the heartbreaking effects of this disease on the lives of those both afflicted with and affected by it."


Thank you for your lovely comments about PaperTigers - and thank you for producing such a special book. I can imagine it will promote understanding and offer much needed reassurance to a lot of children. It's great to see the new discussion guide too.

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" would be a wonderful addition to a teacher's library at a school with students of Hmong heritage."

-Education Week

Linda A. Gerdner was born in Iowa and is a registered nurse. She is dedicated to helping persons with Alzheimer’s disease and the family members who care for them. Although Grandfather’s Story Cloth is her first children’s book she has published extensively in professional journals and received international and national awards for these contributions. Gerdner has traveled to northern Laos where she visited three Hmong villages in the rural province of Xieng Khouang. The bonds and friendships established with members of the Hmong American community have enriched her life and expanded her world.

Sarah Langford is currently a student at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. She is especially interested in the health care needs of immigrants and refugees living in United States. She has a long-standing interest in childrens’ literature and has enjoyed the opportunity to combine her talent in this area with her nursing focus.

Stuart Loughridge lives and works in St. Paul, MN. Most of his waking hours are spent in his studio, drawing, painting, printmaking, and filling the bird feeder. His work can be viewed at This is his first children's book.

Shen’s Books is a publisher of multicultural children’s literature that emphasizes cultural diversity and tolerance, with a focus on introducing children to the cultures of Asia.

Through books, we can share a world a stories, building greater understanding and tolerance within our increasingly diverse communities as well as throughout our continuously shrinking globe.